söndag 20 december 2015

Diverse scenkaraktärer summerar 2015 - Shug (The Snipes, ex-Guttersnipes, ex-Cock Sparrer etc)

Paco avrundar 2015 med att låta scenkaraktärer från Sverige och utlandet enligt ett standardiserat formulär och ur ett subkulturellt perspektiv utvärdera 2015. De "intervjuer" som är gjorda med icke svenskspråkiga har jag låtit bli att översätta, såväl för att spara tid som för att inte omedvetet färga svaren.

Shug O'Neill; The Prince of Oi! spelade med Cock Sparrer kring Runnin' Riot In '84 och skrev lejonparten av materialet till skivan. Han gjorde oförglömliga släpp med sitt band Guttersnipes under resten av 80-talet och större delen av 90-talet. Idag spelar han med The Snipes; en vålsamt catchy popgrupp som låter som Ramones hade låtit om dom varit ett smutsigt gatupunkband från Glasgow.

Music Release of the Year: "Brain Waves" by English band Eureka Machines. I saw them play in Glasgow this year & my wife bought their new CD and it is brilliant Powerpop Punk, we listen to it in the car all the time ! They are also a brilliant live band. 

Best gig of the year:  That would have to be Italian band "Giuda". They were a complete surprise! One of my favourite Scottish Punk bands is The Jackhammers and I often go to their gigs. They were supporting Giuda & told me "if you only come to one Jackhammers gig this year make sure it's this one as you will love it. So I was expecting a Punk band, instead I got a pure 1970s style Glam Rock band and they were absolutely fantastic ! Great stomping tunes, they are like Slade, Mud, Sweet & Bay City Rollers all mixed into one. Great entertainment. 

Biggest disappointment of the year/worst release: Biggest disappointment was 1980s band The Blood at the Fife Punk Festival. They were headlining but spent all day drinking & came on stage drunk and were just awful. Bear in mind that they were being paid for playing while all the Scottish bands played for free, including my own band, and we all played our very best. I heard The Blood split up after that gig, it's a shame when bands go like that. 

Some other thoughts on the scene 2015? Did something special, bad, sad or spectacular happen? I can only speak for the scene in Scotland and 2015 showed just how healthy it is. For such a small Country we have so many great bands here and some of the best gigs I went to were by great bands like The Red Eyes, Hateful and The Jackhammers. 

What's your plans for 2016? As far as The Snipes go, we are planning to continue gigging next year, but first I would really like to get the third album recorded. We have been rehearsing the songs so hopefully we can get it recorded soon. We would like to play more gigs abroad if possible especially a return to Stockholm as the gig we played there this year was the highlight of our year !

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