söndag 13 december 2015

Diverse scenkaraktärer summerar 2015 - Olli (Tammerfist)

Paco avrundar 2015 med att låta scenkaraktärer från Sverige och utlandet enligt ett standardiserat formulär och ur ett subkulturellt perspektiv utvärdera 2015. De "intervjuer" som är gjorda med icke svenskspråkiga har jag låtit bli att översätta, såväl för att spara tid som för att inte omedvetet färga svaren.

Olli är en ung man från Tampere, som vid sidan av att vara sångare i Tammerfist (för övrigt snart aktuella med spelning i Norrköping) och arra gig i hemstaden också driver en liten skivbutik tillsammans med sin storebror. 

Music Release of the year: Seems like I just like to stay in old ones and in "classics" because I really haven't listened too much any new albums this year and I really needed to think about this question a while before I figured out even few albums which has been released this year and which I have bought. First one is Sabotages Faderskap I Gråzonen. Catchy tunes and I always like when bands use their native language, especially then when language is something else than english. This is exactly punk rock which I like and it was not suprise that I loved this album because the first 7" was also great stuff. Another one which I want to mention is from finland: Jukka & Jytämimmit. This album really rocks! it sounds exactly the same as stuff which was made on 70s in our hometown tampere, bands like Popeda, Coitus int, Virtanen, just to mention few. This is great finnish rock, and this kind of stuff I hope that people would make more in our country.

Best gig of the year: Condemned 84 in our hometown! It was great to see one of my all time favorite band playing in here. Bishops Green on PSK was also good one and one of the main reasons being there this year.

Biggest disappointment of the year/worst release: No disappointments.

Some other thoughts on the scene of 2015? Did something special, bad, sad or spectacular happen? It was great to organize few Oi! gigs in our town, but sad to notice that our scene in Tampere goes smaller and smaller. Hopefully new skinhead generation grow someday in here; younger ones who start to organize gigs and maybe start bands also, but at the moment older ones are not too interested about anything anymore and there are no younger guys, or at least I haven't meet anyone of them yet and they havent find their way on our gigs. If someday in here grows new skinhead generation hopefully they remember to stay out of politics, politics will destroy skinhead scene.
What's your plans for 2016?  Our band Tammerfist kept 10 months break because everybody was so busy, me and our bass player especially with our jobs. We did not have time to record new songs, but next year we will do it. In the start of the year, we release new demo cassette and also we play one gig in Sweden in january.

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