tisdag 22 december 2015

Diverse scenkaraktärer summerar 2015 - Ciura (Reconquesta etc)

 Paco avrundar 2015 med att låta scenkaraktärer från Sverige och utlandet enligt ett standardiserat formulär och ur ett subkulturellt perspektiv utvärdera 2015. De "intervjuer" som är gjorda med icke svenskspråkiga har jag låtit bli att översätta, såväl för att spara tid som för att inte omedvetet färga svaren.

Ciura är en glad katalan som spelar i eminenta Reconquesta, bland annat. De släppte ett av årets bästa album. Längst till vänster i bild.

Music Release of the Year: Rixe debut EP (Coups et Blessures) is a great record, fast and dirty sound, reminds me to Antisocial.
   Another great record is from a Basque Country Oi! Band called Orreaga 778 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MC3UvreMiEc) their record “Aske Izan Arte”. They sing in Basque language and I know that they aren't very well known outside of Spanish State.  You will like their band ! Rough vocals, nice bass lines (since the 80s that in the  Basque Country Punk & Oi! Bass players are so good) and some of their songs include saxophone line! You can easly find them on youtube!
   La Oposición (Demo 2015) Good Hardcore band from Valencia!  their debut demo
(released in tape) is awesome! Good music and they sing in spanish! You also can find them on youtube!
   Sabotage Mini LP (and the previous debut EP) are also nice releases, it was great to have been able to see their debut show last PSK.
   The Upset debout album  (Giving Up Is Not An Option) is one of the best  records I have listened to  in a long time.  And I don't say this because they're my friends, when I don't like a band I simply say it regardless who is in the band!. Good songs and good mix of influences. 

Best gig of the year:  Orrega 778 and our friends of Codi de Silenci played a nice gig last October in Lleida city.
   Negative Approach in Barcelona, much better than the last time they came  in 2013
   Shipwrecked in Valencia last month was fucking great gig!!
   And I had such a great time when I came to your city for the last PSK. I am sure I missing some gigs .. now I can't remember more of them though  ... 

Biggest disappointment of the year/worst release:The Worst release... I Normally  don't remember bad releases... and I cannot think of any of them now . Haha . But I will tell you something, by rule of thumb I don’t find interesting any Oi! Band that noways is realeasing Video Clips. 

Some other thoughts on the scene 2015? Did something special, bad, sad or spectacular happen? Oi! Scene here ispretty much dead...the venues are only filled  in big gigs ...usually in  Punk and Hardcore concerts...I think a lot of people don't know  the smaller bands and they go only for the big band or the party because when the young or smaller bands are on the stage a lot of people go outside to drink and smoke don't pay attention to them.
   Special for me, our visit in Stockholm and also to Viterbo to play with FAVL.

What's your plans for 2016? We took a one year break with Reconquesta due to the fact that our guitar playing  is studing abroad but Romani and me are working on new material. We have a few complete songs and others in process so far . I hope that we can put out another record (and play gigs if anyone wants!) during the next year...however we are all working and it is dificult for us  to get a few days off work.
   Last summer we recorded a new song for a 7” split. I guess it will come out sometime this year...but  I honestly don’t know when will it happen. I'm learning a bit of guitar while I am still playing bass, I have a punk/hardcore band project in mind but I doubt anything will come out of it, I am  also collaborating some days selecting vynils for raves organized in a tavern from my city. My Plans for the next  year are  exactly the same ones I have just descrived. Work a lot and enjoying music during my free time. Answering personal interviews is definitely not included  in my daily routine! Haha


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