söndag 22 november 2015

Diverse scenkaraktärer summerar 2015 - Ralph (ex-Last Crusade, Anti Social)

Paco avrundar 2015 med att låta scenkaraktärer från Sverige och utlandet enligt ett standardiserat formulär och ur ett subkulturellt perspektiv utvärdera 2015. De "intervjuer" som är gjorda med icke svenskspråkiga har jag låtit bli att översätta, såväl för att spara tid som för att inte omedvetet färga svaren.

Ralph tillhör en ny generation skinheads från Storbritannien, som spelar punk, oi! och hardcore med influenser kanske inte främst från den egna bakgården. Han spelade bas i hyllade, hajpade och redan nedlagda Last Crusade, samt kompletterar nu de något äldre medlemmarna som nytt tillskott i Blackpoolska, återförenade Antisocial.

Music Release of the year: Music release of the year would be the debut 7" from Rixe or Crown Court's English disease.

Best gig of the year: For me it would have to be munichs Pogorauschs festival I had a great time and I got to see Gundog which I had waited years to do. 

Biggest disappointment of the year/worst release: That's a tough one and I'd feel bad answering that if I knew because a people put a lot of effort and love into they do. I check out releases before I buy then if they're shit then I just forget about them anyway and not bother wasting my money. 

Some other thoughts on the scene of 2015? Did something special, bad, sad or spectacular happen? Well from playing with Last Crusade I got to visit different places for the first time. We saw great bands, meat old friends and made new ones. It was all a real eye opener, so thanks everyone who was around for that. 

What's your plans for 2016?  In two weeks I'll be entering the recording studio with Anti Social to do some new material followed by a gig in Stoke with Section 5 and many other great bands. I'm also jamming with some other people so if that all goes to plan you will see us around in 2016. Thanks for the interview have a messy christmas every one and a happy new year hope to see you soon.

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