fredag 28 februari 2014

Wattie hälsar från "sjuksäng"

Saxat från bandets officiella Facebook-sida:

"Just had the doctor who is going to escort me home arrive. In Lisbon everything is looking good for to fly home tomorrow. Latest medical update is I have had one valve opened up with a metal ring which basically has saved my life so far . My other two arteries one is totally blocked and then other is just about about blocked so I need a double bye pass when I get home I need to take the medicine that I am on as that's basically keeping me alive right now hopefully I will not have a long wait on a waiting list as the doctors here say I should get this done soon due to my heart being in such a bad way. Anyway that is what the situation is at the moment when I get any updates on what is going on myself or my brother will keep every one posted with hopefully good news that I have had these operations and survived this cheers again for all the support and well wishes from so many people some of the messages have been a humbling experience

THANKS again
Wattie Exploited"

Återstår att se hur det blir med The Exploiteds medverkan på PSK...

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