fredag 28 februari 2014

Kalle från Oslo Skins släpper bok

"It tells his story from childhood onwards, but the focal points of the book is the true friendship and loyalty he found in the skinhead culture and the 90’s war between boneheads and skinheads for the control of inner city Oslo.The Nazis used shootings, stabbings, axe attacks and indiscriminate violence to make themselves rulers of the streets. Members of s.h.a.r.p., together with allies from AFA and MAF (Militant Anti-Fascists) successfully resisted, and in a conflict that lasted all through the 90’s, eventually drove the fascist thugs out of Oslo, but it was a victory that left many mentally and physically scarred."

Kan nog vara ett mycket intressant dokument över en mycket speciell tid och scen.

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