lördag 14 september 2013

Heptown-nytt september

  • JAVA SKULL, garage-blues trash duo from Copenhagen, release their brand new 10" inch album "The Devil's Looking For You" September 20th (in Denmark September 23). The band contains ex-members from Untamed.
    Listen to the song "Shithole Hotel", taken from the upcoming album.
    Facebook site here!

  • BABIAN - have a new video "Tillbaks i Business" out now from the new album "Heja Dom som Vinner".
    Check out the video here!

  • THE BRISTLES - have a new single & video out now "In The Closet" - look at the video here and listen to the song here.
    No homophobes embrace these lines, the song, video, or the Bristles. And that's fine.

  • J.TEX plays Home On The Hill from the album "House On The Hill", check out the video here.
  • WILD WAX COMBO - release a brand new rockabilly album in early 2014.
  • SIR REG - "Emigrate" (radio edit mix) is the new single from SIR REG. See the video here! Listen to the song here!
    - See another video from SIR REGfor the single "´Til The Dead Come Alive" here.

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