torsdag 1 augusti 2013

Punknyheter från Heptown Records på engelska

VÅNNA INGET - will have a new album out in FALL 2013.

SIR REG - "Emigrate" (radio edit mix) is the new single from SIR REG, A longer version appears on SIR REG’s brand new album “21st Century Loser”, released by Heptown Records April 5th 2013. The song deals with the subject of emigration, a plight which many young educated Irish people are forced into in the search for a better tomorrow. Buy it on iTunes or listen to Spotify.

THE BRISTLES - have a new single out now "Spirit Way" - look at the video HERE. The song is a bit different than their normal stuff, check it out! It's a song about drug abuse. An abuse the members of the band have put behind them.

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